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Dragons’ Den: Huge geographical blunder sparks fan OUTRAGE – ‘Never been so insulted’

DRAGONS’ DEN viewers were left seething after two of the Dragons made a huge gaffe about one part of the UK in tonight’s episode.

Debbie talks dirty in the Dragon’s Den

The moment came as an entrepreneur from Derby pitched his business on BBC show Dragons’ Den.

Edward Hollands was trying to find an investor for his advertising business, however, he inadvertently started a massive furore when he revealed where he lived.

Touker Suleyman asked the young businessman where he was from, to which Edward replied “Derby”.

“It’s in the North,” Jenny Campbell chipped in.

Dragons’ Den: Two of the Dragons made big geographical blunders


Dragons’ Den viewer

However, those watching at home were quick to disagree with Jenny, 56, and were outraged by her statement.

“WE ARE MIDLANDERS WE AREN’T FROM THE NORTH #DragonsDen,” one fumed on Twitter.

While another questioned: “Hmm as a honorary northerner, isn’t Derby in the Midlands?! #Dragonsden.”

“#derby is not The North!! #dragonsden,” a third exclaimed.

Dragons’ Den: Edward revealed that he was on Derby
Dragons’ Den: Touker Suleyman said it was ‘disappointing’ that the entrepreneur lived in Derby

“Derby is not in the north, it’s in the midlands #dragonsden,” another fan asserted.

To add insult to serious injury, Touker, 64, then said it was “disappointing” that he lived in Derby.

“Shame you lived in Derby lol that’s so rude #dragonsden,” one wrote.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with Derby mate #DragonsDen,” a second stated.

Dragons’ Den: Viewers did not take kindly to Jenny’s comments

While another said: “It’s disappointing you live in Derby, I’m out” WHAAAT?! Never been so insulted #dragonsden”

However, Touker explained that it was disappointing because he would have liked to have had Edward come into his office every day, but that Derby was too far away.

Despite the hubbub online, Edward managed to strike a deal with Jenny and the two agreed to go into business together.


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